Music Pills Weekly #16 quarantine special #6

Do you need something new to listen to in these dark times? Here the best releases of the week:

04 / 15: Matthew Tavares – Missisauga LP

Only two weeks from the release of the previous album and already a new one? Absolutely yes. Mr. Tavares delivers some raw jams and tracks, probably recorded on the run during the quarantine, where he explores the possibilities around looping cells to improvise simple and airy melodies. There are almost no vocals on the songs, everything is a pure soundscape.


04 / 16: Protest The Hero – The Canary

What a great comeback with Protest The Hero, bringing relevant topics while spreading massive scalar riffs all over the place. The lyrics are about the relevance of the figure of women in a world that’s ready both to recognize their talent and denying it when they fall. A lesson about sexism and how hard is fighting against it even now. The song is the first extracted from the upcoming record Palimpsest.


04 / 16: Stock Footage – Broken Together

The alt-rock as intended in the late nineties, melodic, slightly fuzzy guitars, forward-pushing drums and punk vocals. The will to break is expressed by the simple cover art, a hand coming out from a lamp and ready to turn it off.


04 / 17: Enter Shikari – Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible

 The title of the album speaks by itself. They deliver another unique chapter in their discography, bringing a great variety of sonic suggestions through metal, dubstep, pop, and even classical music. A lesson on how to make a pop-sounding record without losing energy, interest and, above all, deep lyrics. More than 40 minutes and never a loss of focus.


04 / 17: The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous LP

What kind of band could release a new lp on Friday 17th? The Black Dahlia Murder! Of this band, I love that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and even the topic had the perfect timing for the period. Spreading diseased and mortiferous riffage all over the place, the production is contemporary but the arrangements are grounded in melodic death metal, harmonized guitars and high pitch screaming rather than deep growls.


04 / 17: Stand Up Stacy – The Magnificent You LP

Pop-punk in 2020 because…why not? These guys have fun in what they love and that’s important. The new LP may sound dated to some people but it’s fun and emotional from the beginning to the end and it contains some fine details that make you say “oh, what’s this?”, for example, the kid voice at the beginning of A Freak Like Me, the vocal jokes in Supussy and the spoken word in Sir, You Have A Problem.


04 / 17: The Great Dictators – One Eye Opener LP

The brand new record by The Great Dictators is lazy, slow and bored from life, it sounds like being forced to play and it’s good for this reason. The arrangements are plain because they give a big amount of space to home-made samples and crippling noises that are so tasty, so facing inner demons is expressed both by lyrics and music. The release is accompanied by a lyric video showing just one eye open towards the camera, it makes you unsettling and if you feel that way, the songs aimed well to the target.


04 / 20: Joey Collins – Sertraline Dreams

The song was already out but the new lyric video gives it another dimension. A short time-lapse of a nighty sky and the camera looking up among the flowers, and the words popping out from the dark, telling a story of inner melancholy and finding peace in the arms of another human being. The magic is due to the dynamics of the vocals, sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming, and the touching solo guitar that fills the space with blues and noise.


04 / 20: Sex Swing – Skimmington Ride

The skimmington ride is a folk custom that’s a sort of mock parade against the wrongdoers of the communities, in which villagers aimed to do as much noise as possible: it’s no different from the song by Sex Swing. The band aims to play as loud as possible, a repetitive mantra where the change of details brings the tune forward and makes you move like a possessed villager, prey of the noise devil.


04 / 21: Kooba Tercu – Fair Game

Comparing the human behaviour to animals, just like being civilized beasts which instincts are still the same that nature gave them? Absolutely yes. The latest single by the “proto-tekno” act Kooba Tercu plays with pentatonics borrowed from the seventies experimentation in primitive electronica and kraut, reverbered vocals that fly over obsessive synths while testifying the animal side of people through scenes of old films of young people dancing, approaching like hunters and preys.


04 / 21: Kamasi Washington – Henrietta Our Hero

“Love, honor, and thanks to all the Mothers and Grandmothers for saving so many of us.” The words and the music by Kamasi Washington about his grandmother are universal. A touching tribute to a person presented as a super-hero with great human power. Since the song is inspired by her soul, so it’s the style of the tune, a melancholic song which strength is in the wind instrumentation and the voice by Patrice Queen. The solo parts are all made by the Kamasi and father Rickey, the first and the last ones performing in the intimacy of a house.


04 / 21: Barstool Astronaut – Solitude, Solace, Etc

Tranquil ambient music with clashing beats upon is already a good combination, adding a sick video layers gives it another dimension. The old silent film Voyage Au Planet Jupiter by the pioneering Spanish film director Segundo de Chomòn is the perfect background for the new tune by Barstool because of the contrast between the modern and the ancient, the deep of the cosmo and the magic of a fantasy fiction. The piano melodies are a clear trademark from an artist that has started on drums.


04 / 22: Drum&Lace: WildFlower

A little jam about the Earth Day by the producer who brought us a little neo-classical gem like the EP Semi Songs. She had a baby a month ago and despite the isolation she continues to work and release sick electronic stuff. The track offers a meditative ambient soundscape triggering nature sounds here and there on an ostinato beat. Almost nine minutes to heal your inner will of freedom and an announcement about a new EP coming out in June.


That’s all for now, stay safe and listen to good music.


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