Music Pills Weekly #15 Quarantine Special #5

Hello, nice to see you again. Before reading, notice that there’s a new widget leading to the Music Pills’ Spotify playlist, so if you want to listen to some hints of the best releases covered by the blog, there is the right place.


04 / 08: Enter Shikari – The Great Unknown

A few days to the release of the next chapter Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible and the alt metal band gives another hint from the album. The Great Unknown is another banger that takes a lot of influence from dubstep and exorcised it through an important call to arms to all the people out there. Let’s help each other in the vastness of the great unknown.


04 / 10: The Snozzberries – This Is Now LP

The psych-rock like it was in the sixties: savage, trippy, taking risks towards progressive directions and based on jamming, fuzz, all the band singing along and lots of keyboards to fill the spaces. This is what the Snozzberries are now and the album title makes no space for doubt. This is now, and it is like it was back then.


04 / 07: Ben Levin – Fake EP (video)

I’ve already covered the weird rap experiment by Ben Levin and Justice Cow the last week, but now there’s a video that covers all the four tracks together. The video deals with the songs like a unique journey, track after track without breaks, blending the playthrough with the awkward looking-at-the-camera style, just like the Peter Gabriel in Sledgehammer but with no stop motion technique. The apparent non-sense of the scenes makes me think of a serious version of the ytp Youtube format, linking it to the here and now.


04 / 10: Adult – Perception is/as/of Deception LP

There are people who never care about what people like as a trend and just go their way, no matter what. Adult is one of them. The duo as a precise idea of what they like and how to play it, and after dozens of releases they still get loved for a peculiar idea of classic techno inspired by the dark wave. It’s not my usual stuff but I had fun listening to it, exorcising the constant insecurity of the moment with straight beats.


04 / 09: Ziemba – Spinning Wheel Spin

Nice to see the stop motion still used these days, it’s so fascinating. This time it’s a song by Ziemba that’s worked out with the peculiar animation technique and it’s taken from the album Ardis Part 3. On delicate folk melodies, the life of a spider is described by the movement of wool and cotton stuff, until it dies and takes part in the continuous recycling of nature. A great metaphor of the waves of natural and human history.


04 / 10: Joey Collins – Looked Upon A Shore ft. Rhythmical Mike (video)

The song was already out but the video gets the light now. Exquisite lo-fi vibes for a tune that loops around the same elements in order to get the best from the intertwining of the vocal tracks. Here Joey leaves the place of the protagonist to Rhythmical Mike that brings his verses through the reflection of him on the wall, using a projector, expressing the self as seen afterward, through the light of the experience.


04 / 11: R.A.P. Ferreira – Cycles

I’ve reviewed Purple Moonlight Pages three weeks ago and now comes out another video single after Doldrums and Leaving Hell. The exploration of the poetics of rap prosecutes by wandering around the big city, the cycles of life repeating themselves over and over and looking for their secrets in the intimacy of the music. Another trophy of experience collected.


04 / 12: Fredd0° – C’è Ancora Gente

The cynic Italian singer-songwriter prosecutes the crusade against the politically correct and politeness with a song about the quarantine and the people’s attitude towards it. Poorly recorded but the message is clear, cursing the lord and joking about a change that probably won’t come. If both positivity and negativity lead to a new culture, let’s take it!


04 / 12: Rubio – Oro

The second track from the EP La Pèrdida, its video is kinda….awkward, but it matches perfectly with the awkward tune, blending high pitch tiny voices with oriental mid-range melodies. Not everything that sparkles is gold and, unlike love, gold doesn’t guarantee immortality. Look for the gold inside.


04 / 14: Heem Stogied – She Need A Pimp

There’s no mystery about the topic of the tune, useless to say more. But I will say that it’s a very cool song with a double nature. Eighties’ funk at the beginning, and then a change of key and mood all of a sudden, a sick mid-tempo with sick chords on horns and tasty, groovy drums.


That’s all for this week, I hope to end the quarantine episodes very soon both for me and you. Discovering music while staying home is not bad, but I miss going to see live music. Stay safe.


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