Music Pills Weekly #14 Quarantine Special #4

04 / 03: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Viscerals LP

Who cares if it’s 2020 or 1970? The band with seven pigs in the name blasts everything with its sempiternal doom horror stories through the new album Viscerals that sounds like an anthem since the first track Reducer digging deep into the dungeons of classic rock. Eight tracks so fat and heavy like the number itself.


04 / 03: Zolle – Macello LP

The Pigs are not alone in pursuing heaviness. The Italian instrumental duo has fewer members but sounds as heavy as a mountain. Grounded in redneck-like imagery, in the new album they unleash bestial riffs with no care for decency. Fat low chords but also chromatics and a lot of unexpected melodies that don’t leave out the heavy factor. And for the first time they use a few vocals. I’d like to see a collaboration between the two acts under the pork topic.


04 / 02: Igorrr – Downgrade Desert

Not so much time from the album release and the opening track got its video, where you see Gautier Serre (the mind behind Igorrr) landing on a desert planet and finding a black monolith (Space Odyssey?) where to plug himself into and stranding the thing through the desert on the oriental notes of the song.


04 / 02: Matthew Tavares – Richard Dry LP + videos

When jazz takes a break it turns out to be psych-folk, at least this is the impression on the latest album by Matthew Tavares. Lazy clean guitar chords, tons of electronica and reverbs to create a soundscape as thin as the clouds. I don’t know why the title Richard Dry, maybe I missed it in the lyrics but I was focused on enjoying the dissonant spots here and there, delicious. The video of Hot On The Wheels Of Love is very pleasant too, perfect in giving the mood in black and white fashion.


04 / 03: The Last Cell – Leap

During the isolation, many people now have more time to practice their chops, and which best example to take than Leap by the Austrian shredder The Last Cell? The tune offers a lot of meaty guitar licks and some atmosphere, too. Pretty tasty the country-like lines at the beginning.


04 / 07: Ben Levin ft. Justice Cow – Fake EP

It couldn’t last long the wait for a quarantine release by Ben Levin. Just like the hobbies that many started at the present moment, the four songs in the EP are a wonderful collage of influences spacing from rap to vaporwave, from rap to rock, passing by the “fake” sped-up guitar. Only ten minutes but so intense.


04 / 07: Prune Deer – Stalling

The math-rock band from Hong Kong focuses on the feeling of nostalgia once again. I’ve covered the EP Insufficient Postage and now I confirm the impression that if there’s something precious inside your memories, the band evokes it effortlessly. Nothing new to say about the instrumental parts but the video mix between the members playing live and some old VHS footage has its reason. Gentle but strong the slow crescendo in intensity.


04 / 08: Dargen D’Amico – La Vocina Nella Testa

Dargen is well known for the cryptic lyrics and the games he creates with words. At this round, he pushed on the cryptic side in this slow tempo indie tune. Maybe he’s just following the suggestions of his inner demons (the title means “the voice inside my head”).


Stay at home, stay safe, listen to good music.



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