March 2020 Recap

April has come bringing a new wave of music. While waiting to unravel what the new month will bring, let’s see what happened in the last turbulent month by listening to the best tracks and albums.


Joe Fadem – Trust Fund Ozu

The solo project of the Thank You, Scientist’s drummer seems an 8-bit lucid dream on acids. Videogame assets and glitches that wander around like mad on a soundtrack that sounds sometimes dreamy, sometimes nightmarish, depending on the track that’s going on. Not your usual chiptune.


Luca T. Mai – Heavenly Guide

By the way of the solo projects, the saxophonist of jazzcore band Zu made his own solo record and shows that he plays as loud as the whole trio even alone. Just the baritone sax and effects for eight tunes that make tremble both the earth and the sky.


Igorrr – Spirituality and Distortion

Another band that abuses styles and genres like Zu is Igorrr. The new album is a consolidated collective experience ( it’s born as a solo experience ) and brings the research of a unique metal sound towards adding a lot of oriental flavors to the baroque-dubstep soundscape already invented in the previous works. Very Noise stands alone as the “wtf” track but the real surprises are atmospheric songs like Himalaya Massive Ritual. It might not sound as “serious” music but it’s fun to listen to for sure.


Jacob Collier – In My Bones

Mr. Collier officially entered the night phase of his Djesse series of albums and this song is the proof that funk sounds more grounded today than in the seventies. The level of funk is insane and the video looks back behind at the eighties and the atmosphere changes are many but not unlinked, everything sounds cohesive and the guests add fine details.


SweetSleep – Heaven In Her Toy Box

When the band decided to release one track per month I wasn’t convinced but after When Having Sex and this one the quality bar has been raised a lot! There’s a sexual fil rouge between the tracks and the eerie atmosphere makes them the dream of every bedroom li-fi lover.


Nihiloxica – Tewali Sukali

They revolutionized the techno genre in the past year and the anticipation of the new record Kaloli makes no exception. The focus is on the frenzy of the rhythmic section and the beautiful dissonance sounds very harmonic in context. If this doesn’t make you shake, I don’t know what could.



Enter Shikari – The Dreamer’s Hotel

Ada Lea – Woman, Here EP

Somni – Home LP

Converge – Endless Arrow


See you on Monday with a “heavenly” album review


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