Music Pills Weekly #13 quarantine special #3

Another week at home, more time to spend on searching for art. Let’s see if I make you discover new stuff.


03 / 25: Barstool Astronaut – Everything Will Fall Into Place

An instrumental track by the electronic astronaut who delivers melodic beats. Here the absolute protagonist is the piano that almost sounds like a vocal melody, the electronic stuff is more a sour contour to the sweetness of the melodic hooks. In its simplicity, a great track that paves the way to the forthcoming album …And Nobody Knows Why. I hope that everything will fall into place for real after the emergency.


03 / 26: Sex Swing – The Passover

It seems that the noise band has a fetish for the slippery and disgusting matter regarding the visuals. Slime, flies, larvas, everything that can be considered revolting. To describe the dirt they use drone bass parts, distorted scream, and baritonal vocals. Enjoy the filth, driving into the night towards the unknown as in the video.


03 / 26: Backxwash – Spells

The Black Witch of rap comes back after the phenomenal Deviancy record with an anticipated track from the upcoming one. Faithful to her fame, the song is titled Spells and it casts its magic since the beginning, with a sick sample ( a Jojo reference? Probably not but I like to see it that way ) and a mysterious bass. But Backxwash isn’t alone, the song features vocals by Devi McCallion in the refrain. Looking forward to the rest, the mysterious eyed-hand got me curious.


03 / 26: Odin Malchik – Medicine

The second single from his forthcoming album, Medicine is a tribute to the lighthearted rock of the nineties, melodic bass, straight drums, dreamy guitars and a very relaxed voice. Medicine is what we all need now, and even if it’s not an actual one, it’s always welcomed.


03 / 27: Jeremy Krull – (Add)itional Machinations EP

After having recollected some additional tracks left out from previous records, Jeremy Krull brings out for tracks under the title (Add)itional Machinations. Only four tracks but a wide variety that makes the whole feel like a journey. Liberation of the Self is a perfect opener for the industrial violence, The Alignment the atmospheric episode, Know That I’m Not Lying is grounded in the eighties and the final Touch the Darkness the devotion towards the dark side of the progressive metal, reminding bands like Symphony X. So short but so dense.


03 / 27: SweetSleep – Heaven In Her Toy Box

One track per month is the recent formula of the Japanese band and the recent results are very surprising. They continue the “sex” lore of the track When Having Sex with this new one, which title gives very little space to the imagination. This time it’s blues on acids and electronic beats, less complex than the previous one but nonetheless very effective.


03 / 27: Somni – Home single + LP

In an over-saturated scene like the lo-fi chill scene, it’s rare to find some genuine beatmakers with a message to deliver. Somni is one of them. he passed through the struggle of moving from the bright perspectives of a big city to the old hometown, a place that maybe gives fewer possibilities but it just feels better to stay in. You can perceive the feeling through every track of this record and why not, also through watching the video of the homonymous single, where you see the artist jumping from a world to another one in a cartoony style, reminding of childhood memories.


03 / 27: Stand Up Stacy – Tell Me It’s Alright

Pop-punk is alive and well and Stand Up Stacy shows their melodic lines in the video, where they play the song in the middle of grassy ground. The ask for help isn’t heard and so desperation wins against rationality.


03 / 27: Ada Lea – Woman, Here EP

All the melancholy of Ada Lea is in this new release that brings out two old songs from the session of the LP What We Say In Private and a new homonymous one, fascinating in both versions, the opener that had a dedicated video and the demo version that closes the EP, more intimate and acoustic. Stories of ordinary living pushed by a superb production that might seem quite dry and lo-fi but totally right for the purpose of the album. The noises and the double tracks of Perfect World are worth the listening by themselves.


03 / 27: Igorrr – Spirituality and Distortion LP

Giving tags to specify a derivation of metal is becoming more and more difficult nowadays. Igorrr is probably the individual who better defies every classification. Looking for a style of music that didn’t exist when he was younger, he created the project that is now a full band. If terms like extreme-symphonic-traditional-folk-black-dubstep-metal weren’t enough, now the adjective “oriental” can be added to the list to fulfill the nerdiness of the metal community thanks to the release of the album Spirituality and Distortion. And so tracks like the phenomenal Himalaya Massive Ritual and Overweight Poetry are free to gallop.


03 / 29: Jacob Collier – Hallelujah cover

The live streaming platform Twitch hosted a stream aid to fundraise money for the covid-19 relief and many artists took part in the event. Jacob Collier was among them and brought a super-spicy jazz rendition of the classic Hallelujah, flying over high pitch vocal bandings upon rad low piano chords and vice versa, culminating in a quiet coda.


03 / 30: The Devil’s Trade – 12 to Die 6 to Rise

The Hungarian wanderer prosecutes his pilgrimage and there’s another footprint on the path. 12 to Die 6 to Rise is a one-man gem track, only electric guitar with effects and voice. The man tells about experiences like no one else, an emotion suffocated in the throat under an acoustic doom ballad. This is the kind of song that must be felt rather than listened to.


03 / 30: Sudan Archives – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It cover

There are hundreds of covers of the classic one by R.E.M. but this new one is very tasty. Entirely made at her home, all the arrangements are made with the violin and the voice, with very spicy lines that remind of the original one just a little bit without losing the original power.


03 / 31: Moses Sumney – Cut Me 

The audio was already available and now the official video. What seems to be the “happiest” tune between the others already released on Grae Part 1 is very raw indeed. The song continuously remarks on the urgency to find shelter in things that actually hurt rather than healing as constant frailty of human nature. He dances and moves like mad together with his judges, he rides an ambulance like a horse in the middle of a desert, he “cuts” himself laying on the piano. A very solid tune with effervescent blues details.


That’s all for now, stay at home, stay safe and listen to good music. See you on Friday for the monthly recap about March’s sonic releases.


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