Iggy Pop’s Listening Experience

I’ve lived a hell of a wild existence… But, at great cost.


This sentence is the key to fully understand the thought behind the latest album by Iggy Pop, a very particular one, indeed. I’m not here to review the record but describing what I’ve watched on the tube. Hosted by Youtube Space in New York, the artist created this fantastic experience of the public listening to the album and then comment it. Not a standing gig nor a theatrical seated concert: lying on the ground like on camping on the summer nights, the songs going on, and stopping to talk about them in the intimacy of a little audience, in a tiny space with dim lights. Some production hints, the stories behind the lyrics and the artistic background behind the arrangements and the choice of the arrangers, and after the listening a q&a with some interesting anecdotes and the entertainment by Iggy himself and his persona. I see a man who saw many things and just delivered his thoughts to the listeners in the best way possible, an artist honest like few others that after fifty years of raw music still rocks without falling in the trap of “daddy-rock” like others who became embarrassing with the passing of time. Iggy speaks to old and young, men and women, black and white, to all the people without distinctions. He is free and the record makes you free too. Free brutally spoils the here and now and talks to everyone. This listening experience is just another proof of that. Don’t miss it!



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