Music Pills Weekly #11

A special episode for the quarantine: let’s see how artists deal with the emergency!


03 / 11: MH the Verb – Ninja

The mission of the afronaut continues. Beginning with Affirmations and taking a break with Raw Smoothie, now it’s time for the tune that inspires the title of the full album to have a video after the release of the LP Space Ninja. Nothing too serious, thou: you will see MH the Verb hanging out with friends and pretending to fight like the ninjas of the eighties movies, but they had a good and fun time filming the thing and the song itself pushes the topic to fight for what you love. After the first verses there are no more lyrics, but a long instrumental jam that puts an end to the record and synthesizes the concept of the jams behind its creation.


03 / 12: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Rubbernecker

Having the members of the English doom band slaughtered by a creepy circus in stop motion? Hell yeah! These guys perform circus tricks for an audience of undead people and are killed one after the other by traps, jokes and horrendous creatures. The 3/4 pulse and the harmony split between a major/minor ambiguity make this song a particular banger. The stop motion technique adds oddity to the weirdness and you feel uncomfortable, and it’s right this way.


03 / 12: Heem Stogied – Jamaican Station ( feat. J57, J Scienide )

The opening track of the LP False Guidance that came out in November, the Jamaican Station hosts three different people alternating on verses and not repeating or singing refrains. The production is made by J57 and the beat keeps the characteristics of the trademark sound of Mr. Stogied. The rap parts are obviously the main thing but the background melodies make the song moving forward with a sample probably taken from a fifties film.


03 / 13: Eleven Point Two – Messed Up

This duo sounds like a hitmaker. Despite the over-abused 1-5-6m-4 chord progression on which the song is built, some details like the auto-tune at the end of some verses and the huge tone of the drums, together with the long coda, makes it a little less predictable. Despite my constant research of “experimental” stuff, sometimes it’s good to hear something that bases on the simple things, especially in these times of quarantine when we all are actually messed up.


03 / 13: Ghost Funk Orchestra – Notes From the Quarantine “LP”

By the way of the quarantine, it’s clear that a lot of musicians had to cancel and re-schedule concerts and stuff due to the virus, but this doesn’t mean that everything’s blocked. The soul-driven Ghost Funk Orchestra took advantage of the situation to do some home-made remixes. You can check out the process on their Instagram and listen to the results at their Bandcamp. It’s an on-going project, there’s just one song at the moment but I bet many others will follow. Do you feel the tape vibes?


03 / 13: Kutso – Potete Andare

There’s also who made a song about the warning to stay at home and expressed it as criticism towards all the people that cry about the quarantine, the boredom of “having nothing to do”. The Italian tune by Kutso is very, very simple, two verses and two choruses, but very fun to listen to and with some tasty chiptune-reggae elements. Instead of crying out, reflect upon your luck and your wealth, you have nothing wrong but the hypocrisy.


03 / 16: Vinay Arora – Clipped To Quartz I Hope To Find You Soon

Electronic ambient beats is the matter on which the music of Vinay Arora roots on. Two brand new tracks offer two facets of the artists: The first one is a straight pulse where a deconstructed melody grounds on a cold drone bass, the sensation of facing a window and look at the snow falling from the sky. The second one is way hotter, considering that it’s been associated with erotic images taken from a VHS documentary about sex. Synths and bass come and go on a forward-pushing drum groove, almost like mimicking the round motion of the coitus with music. Stay away, kids!


03 / 17: Igorrr – Camel Dancefloor

After the metal frenzy of Parpaing and the crazy assets of Very Noise, it’s the turn of oriental vibes for the “dubstep metal”. Not so many days from the release of Spirituality and Distortion and a third track has been revealed. It’s not as interesting as the previous ones but has its points of interest. It slowly builds upon a tasty oriental melody that begins acoustic and becomes electric (…electronic?). Let the camel rule the dancefloor.


03 / 17: Devin Townsend – Quarantine

Devin is explicit about what’s going on in his mind during this period of isolation since the title of this new tune. Like many other musicians, he passed through canceled gigs and stuff. It doesn’t sound fresh as other recent music by HevyDevy, it sounds similar to some ambient stuff like The Hummer LP ( HevyDevy, 2006 ) but that’s not the point. The focus is on the message: this is an occasion to spend more time enjoying art and nature and the stunning visuals of the video underline the concept very well. Stay safe, stay at home.


I hope you’re all safe and well, I’ve found the time to dedicate myself to much more stuff in these dark times, I hope you readers have found something interesting to do too!

See you this Friday with a new Insight.



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