Music Pills Weekly #10

03 / 05: Rubio – La Perdida EP

Coming out from nowhere, Francisca Straube alias Rubio gave to the world this five-track short album with delicate and intimate soundscapes which meaning means “The Loss”. The record blends various styles and production, from the oriental flavor of the homonymous opening track to the dance beat of Volver, from the ethnic techno beats of Oro to the moody pop of Nudo. A good passage EP while waiting for the next big thing.


03 / 05: Enter Shikari – { The Dreamer’s Hotel }

I’ve already dealt with this song when it was only a track, now there’s the video! Lou Reynolds is wakened by the noise of the mates and starts to sing, everyone starts to jabber at greek statues and the 5-star hotel is empty. The more this band blends pop and metal the more it sounds cohesive, and above all, there’s always the focus on social issues without quoting real situations or personas, mastering the lyrics with smartness. The Lou’s dance moves finish the job.


03 / 05: Perera Elsewhere – Slow Down

Slow down, take your time, you will be ok. Relax and enjoy. Perera lost herself elsewhere to write this cool, chill tune with a pretty linear but effective structure, with a heavy techno bass and halfway towards a dance song, making you move for the push of the drums and the very smart element of the arrangement, a ticking clock in the function of a hi-hat in the verses.


03 / 06: Gentle Stranger – Love and Unlearn LP

This is a strange record, and when I say strange believe me, I mean it for real. Gentle Stranger is a band impossible to define. They sound like a little orchestra, a garage band and untalented people taking the instruments for the first time all at once. The songs have no clear directions and have weird lengths from less than a minute to more than six, I had no idea of what they want to express, but if they do what they do there must be a secret reason. While thinking about what I heard here, I give you the possibility to hear by yourself.


03 / 09: Zolle – S’offre

Despite the convivial atmosphere that the band is used to show, with the pigs going everywhere in the album covers and in some song titles, the “troll-doom” band posted the official video of the opening track with a trash cartoon style that fits perfectly with the tone. Ham, rednecks, tractors, and blood under the hammer of a guitar that’s heavy as few other things and there’s more: It’s the first time that they put lyrics! The album comes out on April 3rd.


That’s all for now, see you on Friday for a very special article.


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