Music Pills Weekly #9

This week has been the week of the album releases! Let’s see which artists have added a new chapter to the respective discography:


02 / 29: Joe Fadem – Trust Fund Ozu LP + Sweat Crystal single

Ozu lives! The creature invented by the drummer of Thank You, Scientist found its own universe to live in the album Trust Fund Ozu, a colorful chiptune world. I confirm my impression on the single that heavily uses rhythmic tricks to push the melodies to be a rhythmic section on their own. The video shows the little Ozu while making both friends and enemies and follows its adventures around a very little planet. The basic palette of colors makes the song even more chiptune of the music itself. About the record, I expected it to be chiptune-sided with a lot of melodic hooks and instead, it’s pleasantly glitchy and full of dissonance. Just like playing Super Mario and watching it morph into a creepypasta videogame.


02 / 28: La Casta – In Aeternum LP

After the single Vultures, the Italian blackened hardcore band La Casta comes back with the full-length release called In Aeternum. From the very first notes, you understand that there’s no space for compromise: a wall of sound straight into your face, evil harmony and a mortiferous tone characterize all the songs, some space granted by devilish arpeggios here and there and some timbre details along the record make it pleasant to listen to without losing energy, for example, the round bass in Lifeless.


02 / 28: MH The Verb – Space Ninja LP

The Afronaut is unstoppable! The single Raw Smoothie paved the way for this brand new record that tries to put in communication several generations through rap and soul. An album that comes from both improvisational jams and a study on the sound of the nineties rap scene, especially names like A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots. Anyway, it isn’t rooted in the past but looks at the future instead, using contemporary ways to craft timbre and rhythm. So fresh in sound, this record sparkles among the thousands and thousands of lo-fi/chill hip hop names thanks to the focus on the communion between people instead of the bedroom tunes “to study/relax”.


02 / 28: Bonnacons of Doom – Compiled (2014-2017)

After the good Esus EP, the kraut band B.O.D. made this “compiled” collection of tunes taken from several mixed compilations, but also a brand new track ( Sgrios ), in order to finance the next album. 48 minutes to lose yourself into psychedelia while being watched by the blankest emoji ever created directly from the cover.


02 / 28: Och – II

By the way, the Swedish band Och refuses to live in the 2020s and focuses on the seventies’ experimental space music. Blues under acids and watched through a telescope, the debut album of these musicians breaks the walls between that age of wild experimentation and sonic journeys towards space and the here and now, sounding fresh today as it was then.


That’s all for now, feel free to discover some dope music here on Music Pills and see you next week for the usual appointment.



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