February 2020 Recap

Here we come to the best tracks and albums of February! Let’s not waste time:

While Jon Hopkins was enlightening our hearts with the touching melodies of Scene Suspended, R.A.P. Ferreira was doing the same thing to our minds with Leaving Hell. Contemporary classical on a side and art rap on the other, two artists that compel the soul by different perspectives. When Having Sex by the Japanese SweetSleep band is a little more trivial as a subject but no dirty thoughts while listening to this beautifully crafted lo-fi track.




On the album side, there’s more variety. Moses Sumney decided to release half of the upcoming Grae so half of the tracks are all online for your enjoyment of experimental soul tunes. Every song has its own video, so it’s a complete experience to not miss. The drummer in Thank You, Scientist, Joe Fadem, released his own solo record that sounds like an old NES used to make music, more details in the upcoming Music Pills Weekly. His friend Ben Levin also released a record, a little EP called The Wave That Got Away, very intimate songs to heal the listener telling past experiences and how they taught to look at the future. Halfway between pop-rock and contemporary classical, it’s only twenty minutes length but a lot of substance.


That’s all for now! Next Recap at the beginning of April.



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