Music Pills Weekly #7

The weekly dose of music pills here for you and ready to set fire on your headphones! Here what happened in the last days:


02 / 13: Pumarosa – Lose Control

Love sometimes is a fight between good and bad, rational and irrational. But Pumarosa chooses to lose control and blow everything up. Moody pop that looks at the eighties and the nineties but lives in the here and now, the synth sounds are delicate and decisive in supporting the whispering vocals, minimal arrangements to not take the scene away from the protagonists of the related video, two facets of the same medal, angel and devil moving like one single entity. The piece is the third track from the album Devastation (2019) and the third single extracted from that as well.


02 / 12: Oval – Improg

Oval is a master of glitch and this song, taken from the record Scis, makes no exception, but respect to the previous works there’s more melodic fluid that ignites the engines of the oval electronic machine. The tune is built over samples of a piano, which melodic hooks and lines are fragmented and combined to create patterns, like using the piano keys as Lego bricks. The video shows a piano indeed, sectioned and sparsely multi-colored and with some drawn vectorial figures that maybe mark another layer of complexity to the concept. A pleasure for eyes and ears, but a nightmare for those affected by synaesthesia (perceiving the sounds as colors).


01 / 12: Lou Kelly – Genres that Don’t Exist LP

Lou Kelly comes out from the muddy waters of Junk City (2019) to focus on the thought-provoking side of his music. Back in 2017, he asked some friends to name non-existing genres of music and he clearly decided to go that direction and record something out of the subject. The results came out these days, with a digital record in which the title speaks by itself. You may not take it seriously but Mr. Kelly absolutely doesn’t want you to take it that way…maybe. 21 tracks and not far more than ten minutes to annoy your day or have fun. Anyway, it’s curious how 90% of the stuff is metal elaborated in weird ways.


01 / 13: Sex Swing – Valentine’s Day at the Gym

It’s a pretty strange track and the video is annoyingly flashy, but the music is a pretty solid noise build-up. Haunting baritonal voice of which Nick Cave would be proud, it raises in pitch while the song grows up in noise, with heavily reverberating thunders and drony guitars. I don’t know the meaning of the blob-squid-like creature in the video, maybe a representation of toxic love?


02 / 14: Trust Fund Ozu – Sweat Crystal, Origin Story

Joe Fadem, the drummer in Thank You Scientist, is going to release his solo project named Trust Fund Ozu, a funny robot-like figure. The album is anticipated by two tracks: Sweat Crystal and Origin Story. The first one is a chiptune rap that takes life as a videogame and turns into a rhythmic frenzy in the second half while killer melodic hooks chase each other. The second one is more atmospheric, almost modular, and has this djent vibe in the bass due to great syncopation, followed by a pianistic coda that makes you wonder for the next DLC of the game. Both tracks show the primary influence of the drums, nonetheless the instrument of choice of Joe.


That’s all for now, see you next week!


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