Music Pills Weekly #6

Let’s start this new week of music with a late insight:

01 / 31: Chastity Belt / Loose Tooth – The Process / Lonely split single

These indie punk rockers from Australia wrote the songs separately and put them both as a digital split single, deciding that 50% of the sales will go to fundraise the efforts against the Australian wildfires. The first one by Chastity Belt deals with self-judgment as a process, while the second one explores the traumas of toxic relationships that can lead to being taken advantage of by predatory men. Apparently, two calm tracks based on clean and overdrive melodic guitar lines but very powerful in lyrics, with a straight rhythmic section that testifies how common certain situations are.



02 / 06: Jon Hopkins: Scene Suspended

Taking a little break from the multi-layered electronic stuff, Jon Hopkins comes back to the essence with this stunning, melancholic piece of music, like a frozen moment in time. Built over a dreamy mumbling ground, the mid-range arpeggio on the piano is like a contemporary moonlight sonata, the above melodies push forward the tune at every measure with some delicate syncopation and the final strings stabs you in the heart forcing your tears to drop. Easily a top track for the week.


02 / 07: The Last Cell – Airieleon

The young shredder from Austria brings forward his idea of guitar-centered music with this brand new track with a guest solo by Poh Hock. Djenty-grounded bass, killer licks, beautifully harmonized melodies, the solos aren’t just made up of scales up and down but heavily focused on the hooks, so the ear never gets tired. The chimera creature that’s the airieleon maybe is the symbolic results of the combined efforts of the two guitarists.


02 / 07: Moses Sumney – Cut Me

Mr. Sumney continues teasing tracks from the upcoming album Grae with something different from the previous ones. Tears have been dropped on tracks like Polly and Me in Twenty Years, here there’s a declaration of pride that sounds serene on major pentatonics in the lyric video. Prince vibes on the vocals, sick counter choirs between verses, a horn section that would be perfect in some Lou Reed stuff or even in film scoring, the strongest point is in the lyrics: “If there’s no pain (is) there any progress…That’s when I feel the most alive, endurance is the source of my pride“. The vocal slide towards the end of the song is killer!


02 / 10: Enter Shikari – The Dreamer’s Hotel

Here comes another Enter Shikari tune! Their ever-changing attitude while staying true to the former identity is the trademark of this band that from metalcore came up with a peculiar approach to pop music. This new track will be followed up by an official video and it’s a tease from the upcoming album Nothing is True & Everything is Possible. Electro-pop and rock timbre characterize a massive rhythmic frenzy and makes the whole thing pleasant to listen over and over.


That’s all for now! See you here next week at the usual weekly appointment!


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