Music Pills Weekly #5

01 / 29: Beastwars – This Mortal Decay

I’m happy to see these doom guys releasing a video for the track This Mortal Decay, I’ve been waiting for it since the review of their album IV. Dealing with the final destination of every creature, the decay of the flesh, the epicness of the mastodontic riffs makes mortality more acceptable and the guitar layers over the caveman bass and drums add a melodic flavor that’s not common at all to the style. The video features a collage between previous visual material and astronomic perdition, following an astronaut that, lost in space and music, watches every time and every place, taking conscience of the infinite possibilities of life and death. A song to head-bang over again and again.


01 / 31: Peter Washington, Sette AFK – Non In Orario

This song is very strange, and when I say strange I mean oddly strange. A song that deals with the topic of hating people who arrive late, it’s basically a techno tune with dissonant classical music samples and spoken word at the top of it. It’s a song so provocative that you can love it or hate it, there’s no compromise. Dressed with irony, word jokes and non-sense, it deserves a try.


02 / 01: SweetSleep feat. Maryy – Drive 

The trip-hop band from Tokyo has been releasing tracks on a monthly basis for a while. This one is called Drive and it’s the kind of relaxing/chill tune that you expect these days. Not bad at all, but I’d prefer it to be shorter or to add some layers in the arrangement to spicy it up to reach five minutes in length, well mixed anyway.


02 / 03: Gnod / Zohastre – Split EP

The underground commanders Gnod, after having studied new material in the Vol.4 of their Research & Development department, decided to go straight on those noisy beats that pleasantly remind the sound that a submarine would do if a submarine ever needs to make music, and call it Looking Suspicious Dub. But the real surprise here is the Tarantella gently provided by Zohastre. Someway in the middle between traditional rhythms, rave bass, and prog screams similar to a mellotron, all of this culminates in an actual tarantella melody imbued with electricity. If you search for odd things, you’ve just found them.


02 / 04: The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous

undoubtfully a curious timing to release this song, the Black Dahlia spreads disease anticipating the title track of the upcoming LP, scheduled on April 17th. Flashing green visuals, rats, roaches and other things that crawl, despite the clear death metal imagery the band took some steps forward in the arrangements, leaving a web of fine details and easter eggs here and there as they report. Blast-bang on this!


01 / 30: Joey Collins / Rhythmical Mike – Looked Upon a Shore

The lonesome singer-songwriter who makes beautifully crafted atmospheres with just a guitar and his voice lent his throat to Rhythmical Mike for the refrain of this tune that sounds pretty lo-fi hip hop. The risk of sounding out of place is totally avoided by the inclusion of a layer of strings that blends the two worlds to bring you a song to listen to while watching the sea horizon at sunset.

That’s all for now, more news next Wednesday! Good music to you all.


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