January 2020 recap

Following the first Recap episode about December’s music, this one and the other monthly recaps will contain the best tracks and albums of the just-finished month, including the stuff that has been skipped by the Music Pills’ radar. By the way, let’s start with a brand new discovery that showed to be the sickest thing in January:


Igorrr – Very Noise

Igorrr is a solo project by Gautier Serre, that began the thing a decade ago because he didn’t find music that could be satisfying for him. So he blended elements from symphonic and black metal with electronica and dubstep ones. I have kind of a mixed feeling towards his previous works, but this anticipation from the upcoming record Spirituality and Distortion instantly caught me for the perfect balance between his many facets. Short and straightforward, everything is perfectly mixed and the focus is on the rhythmic section, so genuine and inventive in its minimal arrangement. It’s just two minutes, but so intense! The video seems pretty nonsensical but I find the topic in the frustration of the working man who looks for an escape in its imagination, while his future self is at peace for what he got.


Samana – Frome The Fields We Once Knew

From chaos to tranquillity. No surprise to see From The Fields We Once Knew by Samana among the best tracks of January despite the fact that’s not an official release. The irresistible psychedelic folk of this four minutes improvisation is a calming source for the heart and the mind, making you feel the nostalgia of the wildlands and the will to escape from the ordinary stress to search peace in the bliss of nature.


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Reducer

Maybe the will to headbang from my metal-driven past, maybe the respect that I feel towards the classics of rock despite my constant research of the “new”, the band with seven pigs in the name and its Reducer came back many times on my speakers. Someone can say that they’re very derivative, but it’s evident that many people aren’t tired to hear Black Sabbath vibes even fifty years after that age of popular music. Do you feel the heaviness?


Albums to keep ears caught by:

The first month of 2020 saw the release of many electronic and ambient records, maybe due to the still present coldness of winter. While artists like Nick Krueger are perfectly in tune with the snowy season with an lp like Phosphorescence, with its misty ambiance and moody beats, others like Stromboli surely put the heat on with the magmatic glitches of Ghosting. In the middle, we find an instrumental band that turned on some electronic and hip hop fragments in their tested formula of handling seventies’ cinema culture soundscapes. They are Calibro 35 from Milan, Italy, and their brand new album Momentum is a solid turning point in their career. Here the three instrumental proposals:




This is what January brought us in terms of sick stuff. Let’s see what February has to say.



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