Music Pills Weekly #4

Welcome to the fourth weekly update about good music. Let’s start with the top one.

TOP TRACK OF THE WEEK: Samana – From The Fields We Once Knew

The folk duo from Wales has no scheduled stuff on the run but it made something along the way, as a diary page to let thoughts flow. The imagery of the band, set in a bucolic landscape where forests and mist rule, plays a fundamental role in this improvised piece of music. Just some whispers as vocals, like the window on the hills, and a few other acoustic instruments with tons of blues flaming inside. The cinematic fashion of the video, recorded during a tour, gives a hint on the photographic eye that these musicians apply to reality. Almost four minutes of music to make peace with the world.


01 / 22: Somni – One Last Time

The night lights in the big city are cool and ideal to imagine inner worlds when you return your apartment in a skyscraper…but can you consider it home? This sweet tune by Somni questions if modern life makes you feel at home and wondering how would it be to come back to the origins, a home in the country far from everything. the slow noisy build up in the middle gets the maximum with the minimum effort and it’s really effective in getting the best from an apparently simple lo-fi bedroom song.


01/ 18: La Casta – Vultures

Falling from the above chill vibes to hell, La Casta schedules its next step into hate on 28th February with the record In Aeternum, giving us the single Vultures to taste a portion of hell. Putting a stomping foot on the hardcore side, a fast assault to the listener leaves burnt ground around, like a blitzkrieg, just a minute and a little more to experience a fragment of a promising album. I’ve seen them play once, backs towards the audience while showing images from the experimental film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and I hope to repeat the experience or to have something similar.


01 / 24: Love Ghost – Dead Brother

After the highly praised hard rock of Let It Burn, Love Ghost band comes out with Dead Brother, a groovy mid-tempo tune that shows a more subtle side. Syncopated drums and bass, stranded vocals and the chromatic passages in the chorus make it different from all the previous material, accomplished by the new guitarist that brought a relevant layer added to the previous stuff. Last but not least, the video shows a story of jealousy and malice between twin brothers for the love of the same girl, ending up with a murder and the exchange with the murdered one. Creepy!


01 / 22: Crimson Apple – Sorry Now

Lost and found across the desert, the girls in Crimson Apple take the third single from the Somebody EP after the previous Can’t Get Out of Bed and the homonymous one. The production is clearly pop-oriented but the little detail of the sliding bass gives it something spicier and clearly “hand-made” instead of a plastic midi keyboard to replace it, and also a sort of counter-melody in some parts.


01 / 24: Calibro 35 – Momentum LP

Inspired by the master Ennio Morricone, driven by the propulsive force of the seventies’ culture, the Italian crime funk of Calibro 35 opens the doors to new approaches to the sound respect to the previous works. Anticipated by the playthrough single Fail It Till You Make It and helped by the producer Illa J and the artist MEI, in this record they renovate the matter adding electronic and hip hop flavors to the mixture, obtaining what could perfectly fit as a soundtrack for a film by Quentin Tarantino. Timeless atmosphere.

Calibro 35 – Momentum



01 / 24: Stromboli – Ghosting LP

The electronic crafter from Bologna, Italy, whose name is taken from a famous volcano erupts again with indomitable power and subtle refinements with his new record Ghosting. Propulsive as never before while keeping the haunting side of the previous albums, at the same time all the energy passes through a strictly meditative ambient. The eruption isn’t made only by the explosive, heavy magma but also by the soft ash that permeates it all, falling down in systematic chaos, just like this record makes you feel.

Stromboli – Ghosting


01 / 23: Kuzich – Be Free ft. Goldman

Relax and chill out: He just wants you to free your mind! The jingling bells welcome a groovy beat that sets his tone in the seventies funk and in classic psychedelia, I can almost say it’s sort of reggae in attitude. The funkadelic guitar reverberates through the air, spreading the vibes. The gold man is running through the night, like a guiding light.


01 / 27: Tawiah – Good

Taken from her latest record Starts Again, the video for this intimate song shows some happenings like hanging out with friends, family, and stuff. The delicacy in her voice is fascinating, so dense of soul and carried by a very tasty bassline that together with the drums provides a solid rhythmic section that doesn’t distract the listener from the mood of the tun, instead they reinforce it at their best. This week Tawiah is also featured in an orchestral/choral rendition of the track Us Against Whatever by Ghostpoet, so different from the original one and more powerful despite the lack of a proper rhythmic ground, all the time patterns made by the web of the voices.


MH The Verb – Raw Smoothie

After the stunning Affirmations and its colorful arrangements, the Afronaut turns his music on a personal level with Raw Smoothie, a song written some time ago on the right day he quitted his old job. Chill beats with a liquid bass, vocals superbly produced to say loud that all we need is love and everything else is around that, so don’t submerge yourself in something that frustrates you and enjoy what love gives to you despite all the though things.


01 / 23: Unless you Crave Danger – Against Me

Last but not least, the latest track from this moody guy proudly shows his passion towards the eighties/early nineties darkwave, and in a special way the influence of the Depeche Mode’s works of those years. The personal touch is given by the length and the more intimate, delicate melodic hooks.


That’s all for now, following this article is coming out the one about the best songs of 2019. Spicy!


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