Music Pills Weekly #3

Welcome to the third episode of the weekly format! After having processed the bad news about Neil Peart’s death, we’re now ready to renovate his spirit by discovering what good the music world brought to us these days.

EDIT regarding the SEX PIZZUL section: the Italian trio has already released the record but I’ve missed it, so here you have the entire thing and sorry for the misinformation:


01 / 15: The Strayngers – Eastern Misery

Let’s start with this classic style rock’n’roll band by dealing with the latest, cheerful single Eastern Misery. They get some fresh hair in their music by adding reggaeton rhythm in the refrain and making a video about a lonely person surrounded by real and imaginary cats. After this, you may love your cats more…or hate them (The ones on the screen are actually very ugly).


01 / 15: Rubio – IR

By the way, the typical reggaeton pattern is fundamental in keeping the balance between the double nature of the song IR by Rubio, from Chile. Double in the sense that’s partly moody pop and partly dance club music, alternating the two sections like both are refrains and both aren’t at the same time. A fragile song with great inner power, the video shows Rubio running across a tropical forest to reach the freedom of the sea.


01 / 16: Kutso – Strade Interrotte

Black and white the main tones of this new single by the Italian band Kutso (a joke between the English words “cut” and “so” which pronunciation together means the Italian term for “dick”), two swimmers the symbol of a love relationship, practicing together to complete each other, a work that can’t be done alone. The tune is pretty simple but some details in the arrangements and spicy key changes at the right spots make it easy to listen to without losing energy.


01 / 16: Odin Malchik – Feed Us

There’s no need to teach us, we can teach ourselves, there’s no need to lead us, we’re already there” The praise and belief in the power of the people are the topics of this track by Odin Malchik, with sparkling guitars that partly remind of REM and partly The Cure, especially the ones affected by flanger and the lead of the straight pulse of the drums. A good song to start the day with positive vibes.


01 / 14: Ben Levin and Jessica Kyon – To Know

Imagining the loss of the beloved one and the realization of it: this is what this lonely tune says, written by the couple Levin/Kyon that usually play bass and guitars in the band Bent Knee. Two keyboards, two chords, two people playing, it’s minimal music with a great message, informing the partner of how much love he or she is, and to never forget to say those three words that make your day. Checking the comment section, I’ve found an answer by ben affirming that he will re-record the thing for his next EP.


01 / 24: OCH – Nu:64

Droning, obsessive pentatonics, repetitive drums and jamming with synths all over this: Nu:64 by Och matches what you see on screen by using flashing lights and muddy colors, using the eye as a fil rouge, the concept of the “true” sight passing by psychedelia, looking at the future with ancient tools like the ones handled by the pastoral characters that play horns and flutes while black-dressed women dance and celebrate what seems a marriage. Do you think you’re really able to see how to transcend reality? This is the second track that comes to light before the album release, scheduled at the end of February.


01 / 20: Sex Pizzul – several tracks (LOOK UP FOR THE EDITED VERSION, misinformation below)

The Italian trio is probably about to release their next work because three new tracks appeared on Youtube: CholitoDissin’ my Missin’ (Y), and Knight Move. Three different overviews of the psychedelic soccer funk to tease the next album content. After the single Mounir, I expect a lot of hips’ moving. Here one of them.


It’s everything, for now, the next week there will be a lot of new stuff coming out, keep your ears wide open.

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