3 official video songs that use stop motion

During the 2010s we got used to considering as “singles” songs officially released by themselves, with just a picture to give a visual idea of the sonic content and nothing else. This is a choice that I don’t like because it’s far more interesting for newcomers to get hooked by visual elements rather than the music. Nowadays the tools to make a good visual product are available for everyone, so it’s totally worth the effort, even for unsigned and independent artists.

I saw many artists in 2019 using particular ways to hook the new fans using official videos, and someone surprised me using the stop motion technique, a tool that even animation studios for cinemas avoid to use, due to the weirdly moving images and the difficulty of the technique itself. So here it is, three music artists that used stop motion techniques for making singles.

  • Geshem – Telephone

This band seems to live in the seventies but uses today’s technology to achieve their own sound. This song is taken from the record Sungazing and it makes you feel like Nightmare Before Christmas takes place in the psychedelic side of the seventies. Talking about the sound, it’s a chill, catchy song presenting the classic change of key and nightmarish bridges. Some criticism about the usage of the telephone today makes it even more fun.


  • Ada Lea – Wild Heart

Another little beauty is this atmospheric indie song by Ada Lea, with minimal but effective arrangements, building the music around the topic of facing your own fears. The protagonist girl lives her daily routine but she always sights a wolf in every reflection, the symbol of the inner self. Scared by the animal presence, in the end, she decides to cross the mirror and just like Alice in Wonderland she makes peace with the creature that was chasing her, discovering that she and the beast are the same things.


  • Violent Scenes – Nope Face

This moody piece of music was in the December Recap. The video is partly stop motion and partly recorded in a dark forest. The stop motion character dreams of escaping his reality and he achieves the liberation from the daily routine by accepting it and finding himself running in a forest, the so long desired heaven. Mourning vocals, sad clean guitars, and a solid rhythm section with some electronic details. inspired by 20th-century artists such as Cesare Pavese and Giorgio de Chirico, these Italian musicians make their tribute to art as a whole.


I’d like to see this kind of effort from many others because if you want to make art instead of just make a living in music, at this point you should risk more!

Listened to and written for you by Music Pills


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