Music Pills Weekly #2

It’s with sadness in my heart that I approach the writing of the second episode of the Weekly format. Neil Peart, the drummer of Rush, has just passed away at the moment I’m writing. One of the most influential progressive rock drummers and for sure one of my inspirations from the classic era of rock. I still have a copy of 2112 somewhere. Bad news is done, let’s see what good this week gave.


01 / 09: INUUS ft. Blowbby – Non so che dirti 

This duo from Rome is still trying to find its own voice releasing song after song. After the previous Occhi (“Eyes“), it’s the time for Non so che dirti (“I don’t know what to tell you“), that adds trap elements to the already used styles of singer-songwriting and dark pop. Waiting for their official debut because a song like their previous New York is something that pop absolutely needs to have more of.


01 /09: R.A.P. Ferreira – DOLDRUMS 

He’s still alive and well and it doesn’t matter how many names he changes, he’s always there. Produced by Kenny Segal among others, Rory Ferreira says hi to the new decade with this stunning track where he asks “what do you rap about?“, continuously finding new words, sentences and thoughts to put over jazz chords and glitched samples, and with the promise to release the upcoming Purple Moonlight Pages. He shows again to be my first choice when someone asks me about lo-fi hip-hop.


01 / 10: Nick Krueger –  The Trees Have Fingers Phosphorence (LP)

The subject of a recent review, Nick Krueger’s music hit me for a great amount of inventive sickness and for being very prolific. Here is more similar to other ambient artists, but what a sound! Phosphorescence brings the mind into an ethereal and undefined space, and so makes the single The Trees Have Fingers, showing lakes, trees, and birds acting on a stage made of mist. Scalar modules and morphed recordings to live half an hour out of the daily boundaries.


01 / 11: Vesent – Medicine

This band from Leeds is working on a new sound and this single is what they made out of that! Medicine by Vesent blends metalcore with pop hooks and they present it with a typical video clip while playing the stuff. Very good and occupying the perfect spot the counter-melodies of the bass.


01 / 13: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Reducer

It’s Black Sabbath! well, no…but it’s close enough. The English band with seven pigs in its name doesn’t care about how much they sound “classic”, the riff is the riff and couldn’t be anything out of the riff. The single Reducer from the upcoming record Viscerals will make you bang hard and the change of key in the middle makes it sound heavier than a deathcore breakdown. Classics never disappoint.


01 / 13: Behemoth – Room 5:8

A new official video by the most famous Polish black metal band. The album from which comes from has been released at the end of 2018 (I Loved You At Your Darkest) but the artist always makes a visual tribute to its music. Reversed stuff, naked women, blood and other disturbing things, there’s nothing new on the plate but the quality is always high since they made The Satanist.


See you in the next episode!


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