December 2019 Recap

Hi, happy New Year to every hungry listener from Music Pills! Let’s start the new year and the new decade with a brief recap of what happened in the music world. From today there will be a recap at the beginning of every new month: in case you missed something new to hear, this is the right place. Without further ado, let’s see the new stuff that came out in the last 31 days.

12 / 02: Yvng Pa1n – “C1GARETTES AFTER FUCKING.” feat. Yvng Wav (Death Parade AMV)

This song by Yvng Pa1n blends lo-fi vibes with trap sensations, giving the background music for an anime where characters fight each other with games that affect the opponent physically when they get the hit. The video is rendered with negative color grading, obtaining disturbing visuals.

12 / 04: OCH – Pelennor’s fält

Rocket Recordings is well known for the instrumental frenzy of new psychedelia, and this track by OCH makes no exception. Interplanetary synths meet traditional analog play, grounded by a low D drone. The visual element gives new life to the attempts of electronic music in the seventies with a limited palette of colors, mainly black, white and yellow, and minimal geometric tools, like a sphere made out of points.


12 / 05: Nick Krueger – Pillars EP

He is a very prolific artist, so much that he can vary the proposal from metal to lo-fi, from electronic to ambient. In this case, the pillars are actually in the album cover and their presence is haunting as the music itself. You will feel shivers but you won’t realize the reason why, as the origin of the pillars that stand in the night.


12 / 05: Jacob Collier feat. Daniel Caesar – Time Alone With You

The phenomenon of the hyper-mega-super-lydian-jazzy neo-soul named Jacob Collier features the talented Daniel Caesar in the first single from the upcoming Djesse Vol. 3, the third part of a four-album opera. The funkiness of Jacob dances with the soul of Caesar, like the sun and the moon that spend the time together in the sky like lovers.


12 / 09: The Utopia Strong: Strange Altar

The British trio makes krautrock as they’re still living in the seventies’ Germany. Strange Altar is a long drone-like piece in which the flutes lead the melody. The video shows both a live performance at the Supernormal Festival and studio takes recorded in Glastonbury. It’s clear the path that goes from the research of the sound in the studio and the final gem shown to the audience, the struggle of the artist from the beginning to the end of the trip.


12/ 10: MH the Verb – Affirmations

The rapper MH the Verb aka Marcus Cinque Harris wears an astronaut helmet and makes afro-futuristic sounds. This time the space trip is more kaleidoscopic than ever. Fine arrangements dope vocal duet singing that “We all gon’ make it.They made it for sure, and the colorful animation by Stephen Sues reminds the viewer to live a less black and white life, no grey allowed but only energetic color and beats.


12/ 18: Violent Scenes – Nope Face

The impossibility of an escape from the reality and limitations of being human is discussed in this song by Italian post-rock band Violent Scenes. Partly CGI and partly recorded in a forest, clean guitar layers accompany the tortured soul among black trees just to find that at the exit there’s just another tree in the middle of nowhere, left there to find out that after all, you’re only a lone creature among many others.


12/ 21: Fredd0° – Action Painting

Coming from nowhere, the singer-songwriter from middle Italy expresses his thoughts almost like the speech is the talked version of free jazz, just like Jackson Pollock and his cans of color towards the canvas. Minimal, sad and fun at the same time, Action Painting is the tribute to the end of the year. Have fun!


12/ 23: Tyler, The Creator – BEST INTEREST

The rapper who brought us the most discussed rap album of 2019 (Igor, Columbia), shared this “rough draft that did not make IGOR“, a song called Best Interest that probably got denied from the final tracklist due to similarities with the mood of A Boy Is A Gun but this is just my opinion. The “official” Videoclip has been filmed without a precise direction during a boat trip with hopes that it would sync up. “A success!“. Another track with the title Group B also saw the light on the official channel.


It’s all for now, next recap at the beginning of February. I wish you all the good for the beginning of the new decade!


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