King Crimson’s 50th anniversary is over but the journey doesn’t end…

If you ask people which band they remember from the era of classic progressive rock, King Crimson is often the first one coming to mind and for sure one of the most influential of all rock history. The key figure is Robert Fripp, guitar player, being the founder and the only one who stayed active for all these decades in the project, considering that partly changed members almost at every new album. From the debut lp In the Court of the Crimson King in 1969 which contains the quintessential of jazz-rock and prog (One among the others, 21st Century Schizoid Man, makes you realize how this frenetic ride saw decades of reinterpretations and covers in all the styles; very peculiar is its usage as a sample in Power by Kanye West) to the eighties experimentations about rhythm and timber (Discipline, 1980), passing through dozens of collaborations and side projects, the crimson creature reached fifty years of activity and at the beginning of 2019, they began a world tour and special reissues in order to celebrate this relevant birthday.

Now, if you missed the occasion to see Robert Fripp and company performing, or if you had not saved the money for the reissues don’t worry: there’s a gift available to everyone. On their official Youtube channel they’ve been releasing a video every week throughout all the year and this series now it’s come to an end. You have the possibility to listen to previously unreleased music, extended versions, rare recordings of live shows, songs previously recorded by different players respect to the final version, acapella takes and so on. All the video intros are commented by David Singleton, producer and record label director, explaining the making of these peculiar versions, some anecdotes and much more. Above you find the last one, hope you enjoy the year-long journey as I did, and find some cool stuff never heard before despite not being new. Last but not least, there’s been some film recording this year to make a documentary that is going to be released in 2020, the music in the video is part of the thing but the “advance mix” means that the music could change in the final cut.

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