Electronic artist Stromboli and his “Volume Uno”: A vulcanic experience


I’ve been to a multiple live gig at Sound the club on the last day of November. So much noise has been played but what hit me more was the headliner ambient artist Stromboli.

Had some cool talking with him, let’s dive in.

M: Let’s start from the name: Stromboli! Where it comes from?

S: It comes from an impression, an imaginary landscape that suggests the image of a volcano, of an eruption, the isle itself (Stromboli is a volcanic Italian isle) suggests the idea of an isle, but also of isolation and isolationism in the sense of the noise I make, something out of schemes and pre-defined patterns, you imagine the isle of Stromboli and you think about that concept.

M: Is there a direct connection between the imaginary landscape and the music itself? Your performance left me the idea of a solid and continuous progression, a sort of eruptive crescendo, is it made intentionally?

S: Totally! There’s no separation between the vision and the sound, the vision is created by the sound and vice-versa, it’s all a matter of an ambient music strongly derived from images, dreamlike impressions, nightmares…it goes from peaceful soundscapes to a world of nightmares. It’s a unique concept, very abstract as a vision, as a unique atmosphere and all the emotions you can feel from it and from the impressions nature makes to the people. I don’t follow classic ways to make music so it’s a very abstract concept, indeed.

The lp edition of Volume Uno

M: Obviously you deal with electronic music, but I noticed the electric guitar lying in front of you during the performance and you use it as an actually played instrument! Have you passed from playing guitar to perform electronic beats or is it the opposite?

S: Now I am not that young anymore, I’ve played in rock and post-punk bands in the past so yeah, I was artistically born as a guitarist and I come from that kind of background. From there my idea of music has evolved and I conceived this creature of mine that I’d define electric before electronic, it’s an eruptive flow of sound that represents me.

M: Nice! It’s actually the first time that I hear your music so I came here without preconceptions and I’m really glad of this encounter because here local music scene is pretty settled here and for what I know there is no strong presence of ambient musicians. From where you come, Is there a similar music contest or is it only you to perform this kind of sounds?

S: I live in Bologna and yeah, there are many electronic musicians there, but I prefer considering the entire world as an electronic scene, everyone influences each other in a constant evolution if you ask me. Everything considered experimental is evolving and transforming, it came from rock and from everything around it and now it has its own identity.

Stromboli is part of the roster of Maple Death Records

Once mics have been off, I and S. have continued the conversation. S. states that now there is no historical memory of what has been done before the internet age. Young people are no conscious of the artists that came before, and this is not a nostalgic rent about “music before was better” or similar bullshit, but it’s all about the fact that many people Idolize things that they have no conscience of.

Just like the same copy-paste “indie” band in Italy or the usual eighties vibe chart hit. And we even avoid mentioning the reggaeton phenomenon. In S’s opinion, what we need more today is an extreme need of personality in music. The more personal is your vision, the better, and according to my previous interviews and reviews, I totally agree.

Quoting my own stuff, I can say that Oneohtrix Point Never is not the new Aphex Twin, Ben Levin is not a more technical version of Radiohead and Milo doesn’t perform trap. They share their ideas with the world and just this is what makes them great, beyond their ability to craft very good music.

Hail to the value of personality.


Written and reported for you by Music Pills


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