Short conversation with Elius Inferno And The Magic Octagram: their album “Rat In Space” is a psychedelic talisman

Elius Inferno and The Magic Octagram

Despite the fact that many decades have passed, there are many bands that keep the flag of psychedelic rock very high! One of these bands is an Italian one called Elius Inferno and The Magic Octagram.

I saw them live once and decided to have a little conversation with the singer and multi-instrumentalist Elio Di Menza and the guitarist and backing singer Donato Guitto.

M.P. Hi! I’m Music Pills and I’m here with Elius Inferno And The Magic Octagram! Have I spelled it correctly?

E. : Very well! It’s not that easy to spell.

M.P. : Why this particular name?

D. : It comes from the singer, Elio, childhood friend, and travel mate. Once Elio sent me some demos made by him in his home studio, and as friends, we began to run this project, like many other historical bands, I changed his name into Elius, taken from the Greek mythology, a god bringing joy to the people. Inferno comes from the darkness in the sound, inspired by Black Sabbath and seventies music. Then Magic Octagram comes from me because as a guitarist I’m the Elius’ talisman, so we are Elius Inferno and The Magic Octagram, it represents both of us.


Elius and the Octagram nailing it live

M.P. : By the way, about your musical influences I noticed this Sabbath thing, but also much of the psychedelic component, I think about names like Thirteenth Floor Elevators or similar ones, and Beatles too! Can you tell me something about it?

E. : Since the beginning of our personal musical journey, we’ve been fascinated by those seventies bands that were avant-garde at the time but maybe avant-garde even today, because they have written history! However, we are inspired by many other musicians, especially singer-songwriters and some great Italian composers such as Piero Piccioni, Ennio Morricone, and Piero Umiliani. When it comes to music and art in general, when we create something, we really like to feel inspired by every little thing that hits our minds, every album teaches something and we learned from every album we’ve listened to how to play music and we put everything we learned on an album ( Rat In Space ).


The latest album, “Rat In Space”

M.P. : Now a spicy one, describe playing together in seven words or less!

E. : I think one word is enough: Unique.

M.P. : Perfect! Thank you very much, guys.

Written for you by Music Pills

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