Los Padres is an Italian duo based in London with a Spanish name: Weirdness and struggle while being stuck in the fuzz


Discovered via Samurai Guitarist Youtube channel, I expected Los Padres to be a classy, polite, jazz-bluesy band, maybe just some added synth here and there to be considered someway experimental.

They revealed to be a crazy duo from outer space, bringing wisdom to humans on how to be original in music today. I’ve listened to all of their music but their latest EP “Struggle” is a gigantic step forward, four beautiful cohesive tracks (“Sunday”, “Struggle”, “Rassel Crou”, “Help Us”).

At first, you hear a full orchestra of sounds but as I told you, they’re just two, Alessandro La Barbera playing guitar and pedals, and Alberto Voglino playing drums and effects, both singing. There’s a reason to specify “pedals” and “effects”, and that reason is to cover a full spectrum in tones and frequencies they are needed, almost like being other instruments. The baritone guitar helps in reaching this full tone thing. And believe me, there are few guitars so huge and rich in detail, fuzzy strings so rich in color.

Regarding the drums, I’m not that high-end expert, but I can tell you, no doubts in mind, that they truly serve the song, a drum-pad widening the rhythmic sound palette.

The general approach is fully DIY, but the production massively gained from that cause these people know well what they are looking for and how to get it. The language used in “Struggle” is a deformed hybrid between analog and digital world, the most similar artists I can think of is the Drew and JP duo, respectively bass and drums, sharing the same experimental and do-it-yourself attitude.

Vocals are fuzzy and positively sick as the guitar, the line between them sometimes barely distinguishable. all the dirt dealt with in sound and lyrics is inspired by the big city lifestyle, full of strong contrasts coexisting in the same place and time and often making the people sick (“sometimes you just wanna puke, Nothing makes you healthier”), people can only rely on their lonely efforts (“Maybe we don’t have a clue, Maybe you can help, Maybe you can tie your shoes”).

I really like the choice of keeping everything simple instead of rushing infinite loops or adding new riffs for every new part in a progressive rock way, two or three melodic lines and that’s all, all the richness enclosed in the tone. This shows how much talent there is in these people and I cannot be more proud than that, witnessing two Italian guys that export their talent in a so competitive place like London.

Anyway, “Struggle” comes in a wonderful hand-sprayed vinyl, 300 limited edition, grab one until you can!

Thanks to Samurai Guitarist for having let me discover this beauty

Written by Music Pills


Useful links:

Los Padres on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6LW4oX2xNpAyYwIvBdRF0A

Los Padres on Bandcamp: https://lospadres.bandcamp.com/

Samurai Guitarist: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1Jtb8xLUzFAm8J-Q1e1MQ

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/musicpills92/

My band: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRO4JUNmNj0VaTZBffvSewA




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