Oneohtrix Point Never: Listening to his latest album “Age Of” is like traveling in time – Music Pills

Well…where to begin?

I have read the collaboration with Anohni in Hopelessness but I could not understand to have listened to such open-minded electronic artist at the time.
The album is “Age Of” and the up written artist is Oneohtrix Point Never.
It’s pretty difficult understanding which age OPN is talking about. So many samples, so many ages representative of those sounds, age of past, present or future? No one knows, maybe none, maybe all of the above.
The title track opens the album, a harpsichord bringing us to the 16th century. ‘Toys 2‘ is a passage through the eighties, between the lo-fi pop music of the time and King Crimson with Belew, Levin, and Bruford. Then ‘Black Snow‘ comes to modern minimal electro-pop, made by heavy-layered voices, glitchy bridges, and white noise.
Clavicembal fires back in ‘myriad industries‘, anticipated by oriental percussions and sampled crows. A harmony of synth voices releases a “Warning” scream followed by sampled oriental koto melodies. It’s possible to breathe some Arca and Pharmakon industrial atmospheres in “we’ll take it“, so cloudy and intriguing.
A game of parts between male and female singing opens up “same“. The oriental koto strikes back in “ray cats” followed by the most beautiful glitch section of the album, intertwined with some oriental flavor, like being in ancient China all of a sudden.
The electronic elements always remind us that the sensation of traveling in time is fictional, something we do on purpose.
Since we know this is a 42 minutes escape from reality, we still understand this is “still stuff that doesn’t happen“. Be careful while listening to this avant-garde masterpiece: you may lose even the “Last known image of a song

Album discovery via Mucchio Selvaggio Magazine

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